Case owner meet 13.8.

In today’s meeting many reflections were made on the camp. Case owners discussed various issues regarding group sizes, accommodations, working areas and many more. Overall the case owners are happy with the way that the groups have molded into very interactive and cooperative teams. They have noticed clear advancements and as they earlier were afraid of the role that they have in the group is too much thought as a leader, this was not so much the case anymore. One case owner was even proud to announce that she was kicked out of her group’s work room!

As a new topic, the issue of remaining in contact after the camp and ensuring that the learning’s are put into action instead of forgotten generated much discussion. The ACSI experience is often easily considered an eight day project where groups gather together and try to solve a case. This is of course not the case. ACSI should be considered more as a process of knowledge creation and learning. For example, with the city cases the feeling was that the focus of the groups might be too specific towards the single city. Instead the outcomes of the group work should be thought of as applicable to larger regions and metropolitan areas.

The case owners showed much enthusiasm towards staying in contact and continuing working together after the camp. This is also something that all groups should remember to do. Benefit from your new friends; keep in touch because they may still be extremely valuable contacts. The case owners further discussed the ACSI alumni and how they should be actively taken in to consideration during the camp. It is possible that those people who have taken part in ACSI before would like to participate in some other way.

Let’s all remember to remain active!


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