Case owner meet 12.8.

The day at Oittaa was regarded as valuable, but the usefulness was not equal to all groups. Perhaps a day such as this should be held at a point where all groups are somewhat in the same situation. Nevertheless, the Geometry of Balance by Sebastian Mahaluf was considered to be interesting.

The ACSI process has never been meant to be only an 8 day camp, where certain cases are studied and then everyone goes back to their old jobs and forget about ACSI. It’s meant to be a though provoking and mindset changing process that would continue still after the camp so that each participant can take something they’ve learned home and apply that in their work life. So far the case owners feel that ACSI has already changed peoples’ mindsets, at least the way that people are challenged to think ideas over again. One wish was that as there are so many methods of communication today, that there would be a follow up meeting in for example 6 months’ time. Then it would be possible to contemplate on how the process has continued after the camp as well.


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