Easier said than done

Societal innovations are needed to make the world a bit better place, and ACSI is a perfect platform for co-creating such innovations. Societal innovations are innovations that positively impact societies, such as education, health care, phone, and Facebook.

At ACSI we’re on mission to create them. We come together from different parts of the world to spend a week out of our lives to jointly create societal innovations. The beauty of this type of collaboration is the heterogeneity of cultures, educational backgrounds, and experiences in work and life. It helps us approach issues from various angles and think holistically. Despite our diversity, I’ve sensed our shared passion for making a difference. We’re driven by the desire to make changes that empower people and improve their lives.

Of course, always easier said than done. A societal innovation can be created at the camp but it certainly takes more time to implement. The implementation often requires political and business ecosystem of its own, those that bring it into reality. Therefore we’ve decided to come up with rapid prototypes that everyone interested can later test and put into practice for others to replicate. The City of Espoo has welcomed such testing, and now looks forward to our outcomes.  Espoo aims to become a living laboratory of societal innovations. This is definitely something what other cities should replicate.

Susanna Perko, T3 Innovation Demonstrations in Real Life & Virtual Reality


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