Case owner meet 9.8.

The case owners meet every morning to reflect on what they feel are important issues that have stirred conversation. Yesterday the case owners found that there are a lot of overlapping and similarities in the cases and thus opportunities for shared learning. All participants felt that they could learn much from the other cases and learn ideas for their own work. However, it was also noted that at the moment the groups should still focus on their own cases as the knowledge of those is not yet at a high enough level. Also, groups should remember to focus mainly on their own agendas as too much contemplation on other cases can disrupt the original purpose of each case. So it is highly likely that at some point all groups will have visitors from other teams!

Information is something that we want to have as much as possible. This is of course natural and encouraged. But the case groups should not only focus on gathering information. There is a broad material at each team’s use that is every individual’s own special knowledge, and this should be harnessed. A suggestion was made of prototyping. That teams would learn by doing and focus on strengths already at their disposal.


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