Case Description – Innovativeness

Region Skåne and the City of Malmö is one of the most innovative regions within OECD. With an International Innovation Strategy for Skåne adopted in 2011, and implemented during 2013-2020, Skåne will position it within the top regions in Europe
and the world when it comes to innovation and innovation culture.
Region Skåne is Sweden’s third most important region when it comes to growth, population and education. Region Skåne is responsible for health care (32 000 employees, budget of 30 billion euros), development, culture and public transportation.

Challenges and Opportunities

The main challenge is now to get an understanding of what innovation culture is, what constitutes it and how to make it happen.
What is possible when it comes to change to obtain the target? What are the connections between innovation culture and attractiveness?
How can all in the region be part of value creation? What are the connections between innovativeness and inclusiveness, and how can this then be enhanced?
When region Skåne succeeds in its task, what will this mean to Skåne, Malmö, Öresund area, Europe?
How will this (ACSI) help Region Skåne and Malmö better understand its potential, and ask new questions?
How will innovativeness change society?

Main Objectives

Make innovation a core issue in society.
Make innovativeness a core value in education.
Make Region Skåne a truly inclusive society.

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