Case Description – New Kinds of Collaboration

Amsterdam East is one of the seven districts of Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. Amsterdam has 790.044 inhabitants, 122.275 of them live in Amsterdam East.
Amsterdam East is divers in many ways: 178 different nationalities live in this district and the urban fabric is divers. There are many different neighborhoods, old and new, high and low density, with a variety of social issues like poverty, social exclusion or unemployment.


Amsterdam East has a rich and active local community-life, a high amount of volunteers and many different initiatives pop up.

Citizens already take initiatives to change there own environment and experiment with new forms of collaboration between the government, partners and citizens.


To discover new forms of collaboration and strengthen the connetion between the existing ones:
How can cities (re)establish a new balance between government and civil society that better integrates all actors – citizens, business, and government – in new collaborative models for service provision and societal contribution?

What are the new kinds of collaboration that work best to enhance pioneering innovative city hubs?

How can we explore new possibilities to find those best suited for the synergetic interaction of citizens, business, and government?

How can we create a renewed and reciprocal balance of roles and responsibilities, making full use of the strengths of civil servants and civil society?

How can we replace regulations and protocols that limit innovation with those that empower people to create value?

Main Objectives

To get inspired by existing examples or new ideas of:

1) new forms of collaboration between government and civil society which are successful elsewhere and can be prototyped and implemented in Amsterdam East

2) making a connection (without institutionalizing) between the initiatives in a way that:
– they strengthen each other and learn from each other
– they are more sustainable and
– they contribute to a changing local government and the new balance between government and civil society

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